Free Access to My Handy Email List Segmenting Tool.

We created this super useful software that will remove subscribers from your freebie and lead lists who are already on a customer list.

Although we probably all have automation rules set up to remove someone from the free list when they get added to our buyer list, there is nothing stopping them from downloading another free gift from us and ending up on the free list again.

If you use one of the standard services like Aweber or GetResponse you actually end up paying multiple times for the same subscriber because they charge you for each instance that they appear on a list.

What this software does is take two lists, a lead list and a buyers list and compares them and returns a list of any email addresses that are on both lists.

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My Best Selling iCurator Software Back to WSO Pricing for the next 7 Days…

I almost never discount my flagship software products but in a moment of nostalgia I decided to give a little back to the forum that gave my business a boost many years ago.

I am talking about the Warrior Forum.

So for the next 7 days only I have bumped the old thread for iCurator, updated it and put the buy buttons back on it (it has not been discounted since 2012).

Here’s the link: http://www.warriorforum.com/showthread.php?p=6183406#/post6183406

Why you should not host files and videos on Dropbox…

I’ve seen a few products recently that promote the idea of hosting video files on Dropbox.

There was a even plugin that made it possible a few weeks ago.

I suspected it would be easy to trigger the bandwidth limits Dropbox impose so I did a test.  I hosted just a couple of my videos on Dropbox…

Within 10 days this had happened (and I am on a Pro paid account with higher limits):

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Download a Free Chapter…

I have had a few people ask if they can take a peek inside the “Be a Five Percenter” report.

Being the nice chappy I am, you can now download a sample of it’s juicey contents!

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