I just scored a deal for you.

I’ve just got off the phone with Adam Jackson who has a fantastic new social posting platform that he currently sells access to for a monthly fee.  The annual fee for this service is $147 and worth every penny, but wait until you hear what I’ve scored for you…

One time fee.

Lifetime access.

But this only for my readers and only available until Wednesday – no exceptions!

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Has this old dog learnt some new tricks?

It turns out some old dogs can learn new tricks.

In this particular case I’m referring to myself.  And the trick I learned is a new way to build web pages and create funnels.

You see, I’m old school.  I first learned to build pages back when the only way was with HTML codes and a text editor.  Then I discovered tools like DreamWeaver and Expression Web that made things easier.

Then when WordPress became the “in-thing” I resisted but eventually crossed to the dark side and used various page builder plugins.

But they all had some limitation with layout, mainly because they still used “blocks” – a throwback to the fact HTML traditionally achieves any layout worth a look with tables and cells…



Ignore the title – Just read this.

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s being “relaunched” this week so it’s worthy of a reminder.

I am talking about Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Guide which is currently available for under $10 in digital format and I firmly believe you should read this even if you have no intention of offering a coaching program.

Here’s why… More…

How to increase Facebook Fan Page Engagement by 2000%

Right off the bat let me say that 2000% is my own personal results.  No one can guarantee you the same results but in all the tests I’ve carried out there is a simple technique that will massively increase engagement and Barry Rodgers and I have explained it in full on the link below.

This page also offers a product for sale but regardless of whether you purchase or not the exact method we’ve used to get these insane results is explained in full. More…

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