Help the Gatlinburg Fire Relief Fund and Help Yourself in the Process…

Jeremy Kennedy has put together a fund raising sale to help raise funds for the Gatlinburg Fire Relief fund.

Basically donate $10 and get a shed load of quality products as a thank you.

It’s a win-win.

I make NOTHING for telling you about this.  There are no affiliate commissions involved, all the money from this goes to the relief fund.

Jeremy is offering a prize for most referred sales but should I win anything I will giving it to the fund too.

Go check it all out here:

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My missus knows what launch day is like…

My lovely missus has bought me some Energy drink because she knows what launch days are like.

I am sure my doctor would have a fit but hey!

Evergreen Income Machines is live.  You can get it here along with a huge bonus pile:

This is basically the same package that I sold via Webinar back in March/April of this year but repackaged into a launch so instead of one high ticket price for the whole shbang it’s a front end with some oto’s…

This will suit more people because not everyone wanted to spring for the whole thing and even if you do grab the upgrades, you are still getting it all for a bargain special price.

Here is what long time customer Fred Ferguson kindly said about Evergreen Income Machines… More…

Do you need to go back to basics?

There’s a lot I take for granted.  

I know how to build a good lead capture page, I know how to build a list (there is no list fairy), in a nut shell…

I know the basics.

And guess what?

It’s those basics that make me a living…

It’s those basics that generate income for me on a daily basis.

And it’s those basics that no one really wants to put the effort into learning.

Here is the truth… More…

I owe a lot of my success to the stuff this guy teaches…

Way back in the day (1999/2000) I got some training from a guy called Marlon Sanders called “The Amazing Formula”.  The success I had over the coming years was in part (quite a large part) down to that training.

So I tend to get excited by anything Marlon Sanders brings out or any special offer he runs.

I also never hesitate to recommend his stuff because it just works.

So I was delighted to see WSO Product of the Day got awarded to this: More…

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