An insight into how my brain works and a live example of me jumping on an opportunity…

Business isn’t hard. ¬†I keep telling people that. ¬†Most of it just DOING. This morning I saw an opportunity. ¬†Rather than just go do it, I also videoed it and talked through my thought process. Here’s the video. ¬†There will be a second video later today or tomorrow showing the outcome of what you see here. ¬†There’s some gold in this one! ¬†Enjoy!
Referenced in the video:  The cash engine plugin WP Super Depot (the site I made in 5 minutes flat using this) Fatwallet (for coupons) Resell Rights Weekly (Free Resell rights)


Here’s the site listed on Flippa! ¬†https://flippa.com/3835598-fully-automated-wp-theme-affiliate-store-pulls-in-new-content-on-autopilot By the way if you want the best damn Flippa training ever, that specializes in the selling of Starter sites… I learnt the real secrets from Guy “AzSno” Smith on his “My Flippin Coach” webinars
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