Unique Writing Tips for More Engaging Website Content

In this above-the-fold section, your aim should be to communicate the main purpose and focus of your website as succinctly as possible.

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About the Author

This is a brief section about the site’s owner or main author. On this homepage template, we’re providing a one-page overview over what the site is about, so a brief introduction of the author is a good fit. Remember that an introduction like this should have a personal touch and also convey the authority of the author. Use this space to explain why the author is worth paying attention to and why he or she is an authority in this space.

“Testimonials are always a great way to warm new readers up to a website, person or product. Add some of your testimonials to this section for some social proof.”

Jane Smith
Jane Smith

“The testimonials can be about the author, about the site in general or about a product or service you provide. You can also harvest some of your most positive blog comments for testimonials.”

Shane Melaugh
Shane Melaugh