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How to increase Facebook Fan Page Engagement by 2000%

Right off the bat let me say that 2000% is my own personal results.  No one can guarantee you the same results but in all the tests I’ve carried out there is a simple technique that will massively increase engagement and Barry Rodgers and I have explained it in full on the link below. This page also offers a product for sale but regardless of whether you purchase or not the exact method we’ve used to get these insane results is explained in full. More…

Arbitrage Secrets?

Tomorrow sees the launch of a product called “Arbitrage Sugar Daddy” which ironically has NOTHING to do with arbitrage in it. Yes you read that right. It basically suggests that the “weakness” of arbitrage is the person you buy the service from and proceeds to suggest you do the work yourself and they show you how. Does that make it a bad product? More…
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