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Arbitrage Secrets?

Tomorrow sees the launch of a product called “Arbitrage Sugar Daddy” which ironically has NOTHING to do with arbitrage in it. Yes you read that right. It basically suggests that the “weakness” of arbitrage is the person you buy the service from and proceeds to suggest you do the work yourself and they show you how. Does that make it a bad product? More…

How to save hours of your time for less than the cost of a cuppa coffee…

I mentioned in my daily vlog on Friday that I love case studies and told you about a live one that you can follow along with over the next 30 days (Sean Mizes Live 30 day Challenge). There is another type of product I also love because it saves the one commodity we can never get back… TIME. And that is a “cheat sheet” where you get a stack of really useful information and links in one report which saves you oodles of time searching and doing that grunt work yourself. Facebook Live is blowing up right now so I was really pleased when Barb Ling released her latest cheat sheet. I love that I can save hours of my time for less than the price of a cup of coffee – it just makes sense 🙂
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