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A Nice Little Money Maker

I’ve got a friend who clears $2,000 to $4,000 working maybe 6-8 hours a month, flipping websites. Mind you, he’s not building the sites. He’s locating sites and then finding buyers for them, so he’s acting almost like an agent. Here’s how he does it in a nutshell: More…

Killer Video Scripts

It truly is important to understand that with the exception of generating a video purely for enjoyment functions (cute kitten videos fall into this category) or purely to inform, in almost each and every video you make, you are selling some thing. Often occasions you are selling a click. You want them to click a website link in or beneath the video that takes them to where you want them to go, no matter whether it is a squeeze web page, a revenue web page, a website or what ever. More…
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Be a Five Percenter

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