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Benefit from other peoples YouTube videos with this trick.

Here’s a little down and dirty trick that means you can benefit from other peoples videos on YouTube, even if they slapped their branding all over them and packed them with annoying annotations! Watch my video to see this cool trick in action, but fair warning, this might sail close to the wind ethically for some of you – but this is JUST AN EXAMPLE. ¬†You decide how far to take it – I’m not your mum! More…

Value Proposition.

Here’s an excellent YouTube video from Mark Dice. ¬†Now bear in mind that at the time this was recorded the 10oz bar of silver was worth $150 and a Hershey bar was 79cents. The problem here is the people don’t understand the value of what they are turning away. If you watched my video yesterday and chose to keep the price of a pizza in your pocket then you didn’t understand the value that was offered. ¬†Go check it out here

List Building Strategy Taken From the Six Figure Sessions

Here’s a few minutes of David Cisneros and myself talking about list building strategies on one of the Six Figure Mastermind sessions. Remember that you get all 15 hours of these inner circle sessions FREE when you pick up Kevin Fahey’s IM Affiliate Funnel Training through my link!¬† An insane deal considering I normally sell access to these for between $47 and $97 and Kevin’s training is priced at under $20 (at the time of writing). ¬† More…

Get Lifetime Access To The Six Figure Sessions… FREE!

I don’t usually do bonuses for affiliate products because I don’t chase contest positions and the like. ¬†My criteria for telling people about a product is first and foremost that it will benefit them. That way they trust my judgement and will pick up other things I recommend. ¬†It’s the long-game approach and is probably why I’ve been doing this online thing since 1999 and am still here. Why I will give you a $47 (worth more) product just for buying a $7 product… There are a few people online who I always listen to. ¬†Kevin Fahey is one of them. ¬†Now I admit that sometimes he talks fast and his Irish accent can be tricky. ¬†But the guy knows his stuff and keeps putting out quality. And I really want you to benefit by learning from him. So I will ethically bribe you with a product I genuinely sell for $47 (actually $97 but I have been running a half price deal on it) just for giving this $7 product a try! Don’t be taken in by the “fake” bonuses others are offering… You may see others promoting this offering a package of bonuses that Kevin has included anyway. ¬†You get these when you buy using my link too… but only my link will give you the lifetime membership to the Six Figure Sessions. Here is the link you need to use to get this bonus:¬† The bonus is automatically delivered on the JVZoo download page. Kevins product goes live at 9am Eastern Time today. ¬†But if you go to the page early there are some cool free videos that will give you a taste of how good this guy is.
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