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Busy working toward the launch of Saaset.

If you think I’ve been a little quieter just recently… It’s because I have. Mainly because 95% of my time and focus has been on Saaset, which is like the online version of Software Product Magic. In other words it’s a tool that will let anyone (non-techie, non-programmers, et al.) create Software as a Service products. You might have noticed a few of my recent launches have been SAAS based. ¬†Lead Page Maker, Super Promo Pages and One Click Addon¬†to name just More…

Do you sell a high ticket product? Here’s how to sell more of it!

Let’s say you’ve got a $997 course. How can you sell more of these courses to people who have just joined your list? Here’s how one big time marketer does it. First, he promises a free report in exchange for your name and email address. Nothing new about that, right? But on the following page, he offers to physically mail a copy of the report to you. And with the report he’ll enclose an hour long DVD of a live recording on the topic. More…

Interesting Lead Generation Results

OK I said I’d share these finding with you so here it goes! I’ve been running a series of tests over the past 7 – 10 days. ¬†I love testing and tweaking and discovering what works, it’s a fun part of this game for me. Anyone whose been following me for a while will know that I’m a big fan of squeeze pages for initial lead generation. ¬†But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to try other things. That’s how I came across the whole “squeezless squeeze concept” that can be implemented with More…

It’s Saturday and I’m working???


Saturday Morning Office Time!

It’s the summer holidays and the kids are all off school so I’ve taken a bit of time out over the week to do things with them.¬† But I like to keep my hours in on my business and so as I was at a loose end this morning I’ve come into my office. I actually want to test a lead generation idea out a little further.¬† I’ve been doing a few tests and recording the results this week and I’ll share them with you all in the next day or two. One thing that caught my eye this morning was an email from someone promoting an affiliate offer.¬† The product in question is “Powerpoint Speak Easies” and I’m not promoting it but I do suggest you take a look and get inspired by it! When you boil down what it More…

A Nice Little Money Maker

I’ve got a friend who clears $2,000 to $4,000 working maybe 6-8 hours a month, flipping websites. Mind you, he’s not building the sites. He’s locating sites and then finding buyers for them, so he’s acting almost like an agent. Here’s how he does it in a nutshell: More…

Killer Video Scripts

It truly is important to understand that with the exception of generating a video purely for enjoyment functions (cute kitten videos fall into this category) or purely to inform, in almost each and every video you make, you are selling some thing. Often occasions you are selling a click. You want them to click a website link in or beneath the video that takes them to where you want them to go, no matter whether it is a squeeze web page, a revenue web page, a website or what ever. More…
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