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What is "The Commission Glitch?"

I hate products that claim to be a "shortcut" or "loophole" and I very nearly grouped the term "glitch" into that camp. 

Thankfully I give most things the benefit of the doubt and I checked the product out for myself.

The first thing that hit me when I got inside was just how much information and depth Glynn Kosky goes into for the under $10 ticket price you pay (at the time of writing it's around $7 but increasing on a dime sale).

​This really falls into the camp of case studies, which if you've been following me a while you know I love.  But at the same time Glynn goes in depth with the teaching on every step of the process.

You get a total of fifteen videos that in total give you approx two and a half hours of content.

I was able to skip over sections of the training because it was stuff I already knew how to do (like set up my autoresponder).  But the great news is because of the depth, total newbies will be able to follow along and duplicate what Glynn does without any trouble.

​The only real reason I docked one star on presentation was that I would have liked a PDF to go with the videos that gave me an outline of the system.  The I could have just watched the videos on the parts I was unsure of and covered the whole course in much less time.

​Upsells and OTO's...

There are a few OTO's offered after purchase but you honestly don't need any of them.

They are "done for you" campaigns and sequences that will get you up and running quickly and will save you a ton of time.  They are all proven and rock solid.

The good news is you can just pick up the front end training and if you later decide you wanted the done for you campaigns there are links back to the sales pages for them in the members area.

Will I personally be doing this?

Not exactly as he does it, but only because I have my business established and I'm not looking for a newbie way to get started.

But I picked up some valuable tips and golden nuggets that I will be applying to what I already do and those alone are worth way more than the tiny $7 - $10 investment.


You get a lot for your money but like everything this will take you some time.  If you are a total newbie then you will want to watch the entire course and then to set it up is going to be a few hours of work. 

There is no "Easy Button", anything worthwhile need effort.  This is a rock solid way to get started and it's an easily duplicatable system, and if you do want to invest less time then check out his done for you upsells.

Overall I give this a cracking 4.5 out of 5.

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