Do you need to go back to basics?

There’s a lot I take for granted.   I know how to build a good lead capture page, I know how to build a list (there is no list fairy), in a nut shell… I know the basics. And guess what? It’s those basics that make me a living… It’s those basics that generate income for me on a daily basis. And it’s those basics that no one really wants to put the effort into learning. Here is the truth… You can buy as many “10 minute profits” and “Nano-second cash” products as you like.  Most are bullshit but if there is one that isn’t… you won’t be able to implement it if you haven’t learned the basics. So if you’ve been spinning your wheels and you’re still not making at least $1000 a month or you’ve still not built a list of more than 100 subscribers, this will help… Click Here for Kevin Fahey’s IM Newbie training.  
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