How to EASILY Create $47 – $197 Products FAST!

There is an old secret that some product creators have been leverging for some time. It enables you to create Information products that will sell for $47 – $197 and often more but in such a way that:
  • You make money WHILE you are doing it. (It isn’t ecourses or continuity)
  • Every step of the process is EASY.
  • It almost guarantees the success of your own high ticket item.
  • Your customers will love you for working in this way.
  • You can be making your first profits in a few hours.
  • It doesn’t involve recording audio of yourself or making videos.
  • These products feed an inbuilt trait of human nature which means you SELL MORE.
  • You can do this in ANY Niche.
  • It’s time tested and proven.
In this special report I don’t only fully explain this system but I’ll show you a real life example of someone who is doing this and is selling a product made this way for $247. If you’ve been trying to break into the info product market and you’re not getting anywhere this system will set you free. You can have a product on the market in just hours from now. And in a very short space of time you can ramp it up and soon have your very own high ticket items.
  • This isn’t new, but hardly anyone is doing it. I can find examples of highly successful entrepreneurs who were doing this in the 1970’s and 80’s (I show you that in this report), and still others that have repeated it through history right up to the current day. It’s like a lost art!
  • This makes product creation more fun! Didn’t you want to break into this business to escape the grind? And yet the way most courses tell you to do it means you spend days, weeks or months at the product creation stage. Sod that!
  • This method evades the frustrations that other marketers have to go through.

You REALLY can Dictate Your Income!

With this system there are no price constraints, and you will have products to market faster than you ever thought possible.


Important: If you are one of these people who equates quantity to value this isn’t for you. If you want to read hundred of pages of fluff and filler with a few titbits scattered in the mix… Go buy something on Amazon. But if you understand that I can impart this information concisely without leaving anything out and you appreciate the value of me being able to teach you QUICKLY so you can get to work – this is for you.

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