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What is "FB LiveWire?"

FB LiveWire is a well written 73 page PDF report that not only explains WHY you need to be capitalizing on live streams but then goes on to show how you can live stream from your desktop or laptop computer.

Until now if you've wanted to live stream you have needed an iPhone or one of few selected Android devices.

Saul Maraney and Ray "The Video Guy" Lane seriously over-deliver in this report which launches at just $7 (and wait until you see the exclusive bonus pack Huw Hughes and I managed to extract out of them!)

​Now the cool part is... This goes beyond live streaming and into how you can broadcast pre-recorded video as a live stream.

Think about that for a moment... Live Streams get priority and are shown at the TOP of FB users newsfeeds.

There are a couple of things to consider about doing this which I explain in my review video.

​Upsells and OTO's...

There are two OTO's offered after purchase which are optional but are very reasonably priced should you decide they are for you.

OTO #1 - Over the shoulder training videos on how to do the advanced stuff discussed in the PDF.  In my opinion the PDF covers all you need to know, but some folk prefer learning from video.  If you are one of those then you might want to pony up the $17 asking price for these excellent videos.

OTO #2 - Further training and software that enables you to live stream to personal profiles and Facebook Groups.  And priced at a crazy low (for what you get) $24.

Will I personally be doing this?

I already am using Facebook Live on occasions and I know I need to step it up.  So yes you can expect to see more live streaming from me on Facebook and I will be making use of the techniques in this to broadcast from my desktop.


Make no mistake, there are some technical bits to do, but these guys walk you through it and I am confident that even the less technically minded among you will be able to master this.

Overall I give this 4 out of 5.

Insane Bonus Package...

Hugh and I loved this product and had no doubt it is well worth the measly asking price.  But we got some extra cracking bonuses out of Saul.

These are NINE of his previous products.  All things that have been sold for at least $7 each and more in most cases!

They are all explained in the video above.  I am sure a lot of you will buy this through my special link below just to get the bonuses!  And good for you if you do!

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