WARNING: If you are easily offended... this is not for you.

95% will Fail At Internet Marketing.

Do You Want To Guarantee Your Place With Five Percent Who Succeed?

Not Making the Full Time Living Online You Dreamed of?
Spending a Fortune on Tools, Plans, Systems and Plugins and Still Not Making any Real Money online?
Ready to Cut Through the Crap and Start Making a Real Income Online?

Dear Internet Friend,

Back at the start of 2014 I published a report with a pretty offensive title that exposed the truth and revealed exactly how the big dogs really make their fortunes online.

More importantly it taught how you can EASILY duplicate what they do and become one of them.

I limited the number sold and put a hefty price tag on it because I really didn't want everyone to read it and the mere fact I'd had the balls to release it was seriously pissing off some big names in Internet Marketing.

The reason it had a pretty offensive title and was full of fruity language was because I'd written it in a bit of a rage.

You see, it was doing my head in...

There we were at the start of another year and I could look back at folk I talked to a year ago who were going to really make it big in the previous year and most of them have not only failed to move forward, many have given up.

And that is just plain stupid.

There's no need for it. Making a full time living online isn't hard.

I had realized the real problem...

You've become conditioned and so you keep on falling for the same old crap over and over.

And I wanted to change that.

So in my rage I sat down and started typing out what I thought was going to be a 30 page quick guide that covered what you REALLY need to know and do to make a full time living online.

It actually ended up as a 106 page report... But it left nothing out.

I called it "No More Dog Sh*t" and offered it for a deliberately high $97 a copy.

The price point did it's job and deterred those who weren't really serious.

After a few weeks I withdrew it from sale.

Not because it wasn't good - it was dynamite. But because frankly I bottled out of being the one standing against the rest of the IM world.

But it changed lives...

I had many emails and skype messages from those who did invest in it and all of them told me how it totally changed their outlook and for many it was the thing they needed that took them from failure to success in Internet Marketing.

I have been asked on numerous occasions to consider re-releasing it.

How One Blog Post Changed My Mind.

On the 1st July 2015 I did a video blog post about why I was not going to be promoting one of the biggest IM launches of the year. I exposed the funnel and took a stand.

I thought I would be majorly pissing people off.

But the opposite happened.

I was inundated with messages thanking me for it.

And that made me realize just how many people really do want the truth.

So I edited the original document just a little. I took the f-bombs out because even I don't like that sort of profanity too much and I changed the title.

WARNING: This isn't for everyone!

It still contains some 'fruity' language - not loads, but some. So if the occasional use of the word "shit" is going to upset you then don't buy it.

It shoots from the hip and tells it as it is. This includes some home truths that some will find hard to swallow.

This is the same material I teach my private coaching clients but it won't cost you thousands of dollars like coaching would.

How to Make a Full-Time Living Online...

There's some wild and crazy beliefs out there. But making big money online isn't hard.

You don’t need to be some highly intelligent person or some charismatic speaker.

You don’t need to be technical at all.

You don’t need a ton of money to invest.

In fact, you don’t need ANY of that stuff and you don’t need to be a "professional" at anything at all!

Here's what you DO need...

I've been running my business in it's current form full time for the past five years or so. And what makes me different from most other people is that I follow a system.

But it's not a system the guru marketers sell you courses on.

Because the secret isn't doing what they tell you to do...

It's doing what they ACTUALLY DO!

I realized this a long time ago and instead of focusing on what the big names said to do in every course and training they sold, I began to focus on what they actually did.

So I would still buy their courses, sometimes investing hundreds or thousands of dollars and then while everyone else either did nothing (common) or did what they were being told, I was reading between the lines.

I was more interested in how they'd sold me their product, how they were leveraging the sales, getting the traffic, etc.

And as unpopular as it's going to make me...

That's what this report shows you how to do.

So you don't have to spend the thousands of dollars I did or do the countless hours of research and study...

Because I've written it out for you in an easy to read, easy to follow, anyone can do it report that is going to be the single biggest game changer for you this year.

When you read this controversial report you'll get:

  • The seven reasons most people fail and don't make any real money online. If you do any of these you'll never get the returns that you deserve.
  • The secret of the 1%. The truth behind what the gurus are doing and not saying.
  • How to identify "fools gold" so you don't end up chasing it like so many other would-be entrepreneurs.
  • How to break free of the IM herd mentality.
  • The Nine Steps you MUST take if you want to really succeed online. None are hard and yet following these will virtually guarantee your success. Bold statement? Yes... but true!
  • The killer sales secrets of the elite... once you know these there is no stopping you!
  • How to find, pick and work in ravaging hungry markets where people are desperate to buy and will become your raving fans.
  • How to become an expert at almost anything in no time flat.
  • The greatest myths about Internet Marketing busted wide open. This is the stuff that people believe to be the truth all the time and it's holding them (and you) back.
  • How to be sure of selling what people WANT... So many marketers fail because they don't understand how to be certain that people will WANT what they are offering.
  • The secret that everyone at the top from Apple to Frank Kern use to get you to willingly spend lots of money with them. Get this right and it becomes almost effortless.

And that's just in the first 28 pages of this report!

Imagine Knowing All Of This...

  • ​How to master the ONE Thing (yep only one) that will put you on the path to earning six figures this year. Hardly anyone focuses on this but all those making real money do. It's right under your nose and yet I bet you aren't doing this either!
  • Why Traffic is the easy peasy part of the whole equation. Everyone thinks it's the golden goose, but in reality it's piss easy.
  • How to create "buying frenzies"
  • Under the radar, undetectable selling mechanisms that get results.
  • How to balance ethics and morals with making disgusting amounts of money.
  • How to earn as you learn. This is all stuff you can put to work NOW. You can start making money next week.
  • Why "modelling" works and how and why you MUST be doing this.
  • The difference between a $3.57 sales funnel and a $350,000 sales funnel. The truth will shock you and if you follow this... you'll soon be producing the latter.
  • The seven master steps to a solid Internet based business. These are the seven steps the big dogs follow over, and over, and over, and over again!  You don't need gizmos, software, magic plugins or any of the other smoke... just these seven steps... seriously!
  • Struggling to find the time to build your online business? Page 59 will solve this in a jiffy.
  • The nine easy questions you MUST ask yourself before committing to any niche market. These will save you wasting hours of time and stop you producing stuff that just won't sell.

And we've still not scratched the surface!

But... If you download and read this report you have to promise me that you won't get offended.

Or that if you do you will just get over it like a grown up.

There's this horrible chain of events that seems to happen online these days. Someone gets offended and they start shouting about it and slagging off the offender.

What you get in this report is the hard truth and a fool proof plan...

 Don't let being offended a bit stop you from learning and using that plan.

You have to make a serious decision right now...

In fact you’ve got to make yourself a promise.

The good news is – it won’t be hard to do...

Because the fact you’ve got this far and are still reading, the fact that you may well have tried the guru things but are still here, still reading, not quitting, still searching for the answer…

Means you must have what it takes.

So what is the decision you have to make? What is the promise you MUST make yourself right now if you’re going to turn your fortunes around and get the success you so rightly deserve?

Have you ever seen the movie “The Matrix”?

It’s a great movie and it revolves around the choice a man is given. The choice to see things the way they really are, or the choice to just carry on along the path he was already on, blissfully unaware of the truth.

If you’ve seen it you will know that he is offered a choice of two pills...

A red pill and a blue pill...

If he takes the red one he will walk through the door that leads to truth and reality, he will see things how they really are, but once he does there will be no going back...

Or he can take the blue pill, wake up in his bed and carry on being part of the matrix.

Just like Neo in that movie… I can only show you the door...

You have to be the one that chooses to go through it.

You see, the truth is harsh.

It’s not going to be entirely what you want to hear...

It’s going to frustrate you to find out you’ve followed a path so far that turns out to be nothing more than an intricate web designed to extract cash from you and put it in the pockets of guru’s.

The truth may well smash your conceptions of how making money online really works.

You will see the truth about the push button, quick cash systems that are being sold every day and that never work.

Are you ready for that?

If you decide that you are...

If you decide you want to know the truth...

Then you have to make a promise to yourself that when you are shown the door – you will walk through it.

Because no one can make you...

I cannot force you. I can only show you the way and then it’s up to you to push the button, grab the opportunity and go with it.

Can you promise yourself?

Good. Then let’s go…

Hit the button below to purchase your copy.

There are no upsells, no downsells, no one-time offers or anything else.

You get everything you need in this complete 100+ page report.

If you are truly ready to change your fortune you will click that button...


Be a 5 Percenter


I've already told you that this isn't for everyone. Not everyone has what it takes to make a full time living online because not everyone is really prepared to get off their ass and take what is theirs for the taking.

So if you're not going to really do this... I don't want you to buy it.

I do have a refund policy... but it's a totally fair one. Check this out:


Buy this report and put what it teaches into action. If you do that you cannot fail. But if for some reason you believe you have followed it and not made money then send me the details showing you have done what it says.  If you have genuinely taken the actions explained and it has not worked for you I will send you your money back plus a bonus worth $497 on top!

But... If you don't like what I tell you, if you get offended, if you decide you'd rather spend the money on a pizza instead - go screw yourself.  This is a serious offer for serious people only. If you buy it and don't action it - it is not my fault.

In short: This works or your money back. But if you are a lamer who doesn't take action or you come up with some namby pamby reason about not liking it then you do not qualify for a refund. If you cannot handle that then this is not for you.

Be a 5 Percenter

No I am taking the blue pill and will go on wasting my time and money and spinning my wheels.  Take me back to some free content now please.