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The best way to describe this product is a fairly obvious idea, spread thinly and turned into some nice looking PDF's and Videos.

You certainly can't fault how nice it all looks, and I can see why the sales copy is converting, it dangles a secret that people will want to know.

But once you realize the entire secret is "Buy stuff from Fiverr and sell it on Etsy", it doesn't take long to realise that this isn't really worth the low $7 entry price.

I think they named it based on what everyone who looks at it says... "Oh flip me"

If everyone who picks this up does it (which they won't of course because 95% of those who buy this crap never even try to take action anyway), the arbitrage will get over saturated and result in a price war that one wins.

There are way better things to spend $7 like case studies of methods that can't oversaturate like that or small resin figurines of dogs.

It's a good lesson in how to take nothing much and make it look like a product, but that's about it.​

I've not seen any of the upsells and downsells, but I suspect they are the only reason affiliates are emailing for this brain-fart, and the JV page doesn't even say what each OTO is, which means affiliates are mailing this without even knowing what's in the damn funnel!

No idea what all these are but this is the funnel for it!

Save Your $7!

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