Heading to Kiev for Marketing Mastermind…

At the time this post goes live I will be squashed into the front of Richie Nolan’s rather small BMW heading for Luton to fly to Kiev for a get together with some awesome marketers including Volker Schoenfeldt, Rob Temple and Matt Garrett.

Why am I telling you this?

Not to brag about my travels (which I do little of)…

But to illustrate the automation potential of working online.

You see, I am writing this post today, which is really the 6th of June but it won’t appear on my blog until midday on the 8th when I will already be on route to Kiev.

And not only that…

But if you are on my email list you will also get a notification about this blog post which I am going to write and schedule up in a moment.

And all that will happen automatically!

Why I love this business…

There are a lot of reasons to start, build and grow your own online business and it’s not always about money…

For me it’s the time freedom, the time I get to spend with family, the flexibility to leave the office for a few days and have my business keep going, being able to work from ANYWHERE in the world from my iPad and phone.

This blog is full of free tips, advice, ideas on how you too can do this kind of thing.  

So while I am away sampling fine Ukraine vodka and “masterminding” why not dig back though some of the posts on here, it’s a wealth of information!
Sharing is Caring!
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