You Won’t Use Shared Hosting Again Once You Watch This!

My good friend Curt Crowley has discovered an incredible service that lets you host a lightning fast WordPress site on a VPS for just $5.  

What’s more…  They even give you $20 worth of credit free.

So why isn’t everyone jumping on this?

Well firstly, hardly anyone knows about this.

Secondly, some of the terminology they use seems a little daunting.

So Curt made some super short but effective training videos that walk you through the entire set up.

These are ideal for:
  • Product launches or affiliate bonus pages
  • Running a WordPress site to host Mail-it or similar mailing plugins.
  • Private blog networks – You can create each instance in a different data center and each has its own dedicated IP! (Imagine your own PBN for $25/mo!)
  • SEO.  Many believe that dedicated IP’s make getting ranked easier
  • Plus these will load your pages FAST which is now a factor in SEO.
Go watch Curt’s video that explains it all here.
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