Benefit from other peoples YouTube videos with this trick.

Here’s a little down and dirty trick that means you can benefit from other peoples videos on YouTube, even if they slapped their branding all over them and packed them with annoying annotations! Watch my video to see this cool trick in action, but fair warning, this might sail close to the wind ethically for some of you – but this is JUST AN EXAMPLE.  You decide how far to take it – I’m not your mum!

The resulting video…

This is all achieved with Monkey Player which doesn’t launch until 21st March. But there’s an early adopter deal if you get in before then. Click Here for early access! Here is the end result… And by the way… Affiliate Commission Pro really is well worth checking out too. If you’ve yet to make any real money affiliate marketing these guys have spilled their guts on exactly what they’ve done and how you can duplicate it. Fair warning though – it will take a little effort! It’s not for lazy shmucks. Click here to check it out.
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