Could this be the beginning of the end for JVZoo?

Remember when Warrior Plus had the market share on WSO payment buttons, and then they got complacent and JVZoo was able to storm in with the features sellers wanted, fairer pricing, and so on? And so now JVZoo has market share of the IM market place.¬† But might it be getting complacent now? More…

Viral Marketing for 2014/15

I recently took part in one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns of all time. And there is a damn good chance you did too! I’m referring to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. ¬†I’ll get to my point in a moment, but for those who want to see me tipping freezing cold ice water on my head, here is the video from August 19th 2014… Whether you are a fan of the fund raiser or not it was a genius viral campaign and it highlights the power of viral marketing. And that got me to thinking… “Viral Marketing” was a huge buzzword 2002 – 2007 (roughly) but these days it’s just another strand of marketing. So I took a fresh look at it and have written a report called “Creating Unstoppable, Out-Of-Control Viral Marketing Campaigns in 2014/15.”.¬† It’s available for just $10 from my products page.

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38 Questions Smart Marketers Ask Themselves To 10x Their Profits

I recently read a report called “38 Questions Smart Marketers Ask Themselves To 10x Their Profits” which was published by Zaxaa. ¬†I expected it to just be a big old advert for them but actually it had some real cool tips in it that you can apply to any sales process online. Here’s a copy of the report (direct download):¬†38-smart-questions Save 33%! (If you act before 30th September) As an aside to that¬† More…

Don’t waste your time farting in a fish bowl.

I scan through the Warrior forum (and a few others) now and then, just to keep up with what’s going on and because you can get great product ideas from listeniGoldfish-have-great-memoryng to what people are struggling with. But I don’t get drawn into debate on these forums.¬† Not because I am scared of giving my opinions but because it’s the equivalent of More…

My “screw it” lazy mans SEO approach.

I don’t do much search engine optimization. And what I do is minimal (set meta tags or install a free SEO plugin).seo-graphic If I was promoting a local business like a dentist, guest house or¬†a plumber I’d do a lot more – for those kinds of business it’s the¬†equivalent to making sure your ad stands out in the yellow pages. But for selling digital content online it’s not the same. There¬†are loads of others people in my niche spending hours of their time¬†and half their ad budget on trying to sneak around Googles latest¬†bitch-slap. And when they get there the goal posts will move and they’ll be¬†back at square one. For me it’s more cost and time effective to pay for traffic and¬†drive it through a lead capture system. And that’s what I do for¬†the most part. And now and again I see a plugin or script pop up that has some¬†possible search engine and social traffic capability. One such thing popped onto my radar today.. More…

Rapid Product Creation and a bit of a rant about ethical marketing.

One of the things I get asked about the most by customers or other marketers when I attend the occasional meet-up is about the speed at which I generally create and launch products. You see I don’t like the mega launch strategy at all. ¬†It doesn’t rest well with me because people who follow it (with a very few exceptions) have to put More…

Interesting Lead Generation Results

OK I said I’d share these finding with you so here it goes! I’ve been running a series of tests over the past 7 – 10 days. ¬†I love testing and tweaking and discovering what works, it’s a fun part of this game for me. Anyone whose been following me for a while will know that I’m a big fan of squeeze pages for initial lead generation. ¬†But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to try other things. That’s how I came across the whole “squeezless squeeze concept” that can be implemented with More…

It’s Saturday and I’m working???


Saturday Morning Office Time!

It’s the summer holidays and the kids are all off school so I’ve taken a bit of time out over the week to do things with them.¬† But I like to keep my hours in on my business and so as I was at a loose end this morning I’ve come into my office. I actually want to test a lead generation idea out a little further.¬† I’ve been doing a few tests and recording the results this week and I’ll share them with you all in the next day or two. One thing that caught my eye this morning was an email from someone promoting an affiliate offer.¬† The product in question is “Powerpoint Speak Easies” and I’m not promoting it but I do suggest you take a look and get inspired by it! When you boil down what it More…
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