Why repelling prospects might not be a bad thing!

A hundred years ago a shop might have tried to be many things to most people. In fact, big box stores still do that today, with good success. Walmart is everything and all things to those looking for the cheapest price. But even they repel customers – namely those people who value service and quality over price. These days it pays to specialize. Rather than trying to be most things to most people, you More…

4 Chemicals Your Customers Can’t Refuse

There are certain bodily chemicals that, when activated by your offer, make it almost impossible for your prospect to refuse. For example, endorphins are those chemicals released by exercise and they feel pretty darn good. In fact, there’s even a term for it – Runner’s High. If you can create heart pounding excitement in a video that showcases your product, then you can release endorphins in your viewers. More…

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All the features of the top video players but without the monthly fees.

Albert Matthews (of WP She’s Viral fame) has launched his latest WordPress Plugin, and it’s a beauty. It let’s you use ANY video (you own, or grab a you tube vid) and add calls to action, social sharing and more. Other products on the market want a monthly fee (I know until this came out I was paying for one).  But this does more and at the moment, while it’s in launch phase, it costs LESS than the monthly fee I was paying and it’s a ONE TIME PAYMENT! ====> Viral Profit Surge.  

Some thoughts on Leadpages…

Just thought I’d share some thoughts on Leadpages. I have been using it a few months now and I really think it’s something everyone should consider. Now I am technically able to put squeeze pages and the like together in any number of ways and I have a dozen plugins if I want to make things easier. So why the hell would I pay $67 a month for a pro account on leadpages? More…

Could this be the beginning of the end for JVZoo?

Remember when Warrior Plus had the market share on WSO payment buttons, and then they got complacent and JVZoo was able to storm in with the features sellers wanted, fairer pricing, and so on? And so now JVZoo has market share of the IM market place.  But might it be getting complacent now? More…

Viral Marketing for 2014/15

I recently took part in one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns of all time. And there is a damn good chance you did too! I’m referring to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  I’ll get to my point in a moment, but for those who want to see me tipping freezing cold ice water on my head, here is the video from August 19th 2014… Whether you are a fan of the fund raiser or not it was a genius viral campaign and it highlights the power of viral marketing. And that got me to thinking… “Viral Marketing” was a huge buzzword 2002 – 2007 (roughly) but these days it’s just another strand of marketing. So I took a fresh look at it and have written a report called “Creating Unstoppable, Out-Of-Control Viral Marketing Campaigns in 2014/15.”.  It’s available for just $10 from my products page.
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