Interesting Lead Generation Results

OK I said I’d share these finding with you so here it goes! I’ve been running a series of tests over the past 7 – 10 days. ¬†I love testing and tweaking and discovering what works, it’s a fun part of this game for me. Anyone whose been following me for a while will know that I’m a big fan of squeeze pages for initial lead generation. ¬†But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to try other things. That’s how I came across the whole “squeezless squeeze concept” that can be implemented with More…

It’s Saturday and I’m working???


Saturday Morning Office Time!

It’s the summer holidays and the kids are all off school so I’ve taken a bit of time out over the week to do things with them.¬† But I like to keep my hours in on my business and so as I was at a loose end this morning I’ve come into my office. I actually want to test a lead generation idea out a little further.¬† I’ve been doing a few tests and recording the results this week and I’ll share them with you all in the next day or two. One thing that caught my eye this morning was an email from someone promoting an affiliate offer.¬† The product in question is “Powerpoint Speak Easies” and I’m not promoting it but I do suggest you take a look and get inspired by it! When you boil down what it More…

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Offer Framing Code (Free download)

I’ve been doing an experiment with some squeeze pages and after sign up (which offers a free report) the page directs to an affiliate offer and the free report is sent via auto responder to their email. There are two downsides to this: More…

A day out of the office…

School trip!

School trip!

Today I went with my youngest daughter on her school trip to “Monkey World”.¬†¬† That’s what I love about what I do the most – flexibility. It doesn’t matter that it was a Monday and it was during office hours.¬† I still needed to do a little work so I worked a little this evening. As you might notice I am finally getting my various products and services moved across to this site.¬† I’m not hiding behind the “” thing anymore – I’m a real person with real More…

The real life of a full time online marketer.

So far today I have done the school run and put the recycling out.¬† Oh what a glamorous life it is this “online lark”.¬† Funny because if you look at most of the gurus sites they all tell you that with very little work you can be spending all your time on a private beach that you arrived at in your new Ferrari. I’m not saying those things are not achievable, but they are not as super-easy to achieve as some would have you think.¬† Those guys just want you to buy their $497 e-course and their $197/mo continuity and their $4,997 masters program and they’ll tell you that blue is red in order to get you to.¬† After all… that is what gives them the lifestyle they brag about. My problem is I have ethics.¬† Sure I have to earn money online, I am in business and that’s what business is about.¬† But More…

Free Download: The Money Secret

Here’s a free report that some of you will get a lot out of.¬† It’s called “The Money Secret”.moneysecret

What Is The Money Secret?

The money secret revolves around a universal truth that when followed will always lead you to where the money is. For years I‚Äôve been pointing out to people that they need to More…
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