Traffic is easy.

Whenever I do a live webinar I get asked time and time again about traffic generation as if it’s the hardest thing about internet marketing. This always surprises me… because it really isn’t the hard part.  In fact traffic is easy. And its this misunderstanding that causes so many to trip up.  Instead of focusing on their conversions they get hung up on running around looking for traffic systems.  If your site doesn’t convert and lead people to take action then it’s a total waste of time driving thousands of visitors to it. Yet dispite this most marketers spend the least amount of their time, effort and money on mastering copywriting and conversions.  Probably because its “work” to learn a proper skill. If you want to invest wisely in yourself and your business then put some time and effort into improving your copywriting. Hope this helps.

I had a stroke!

If you wondered why I haven’t posted in a while it is because after that last post I made (February 15th) I suffered a minor stroke.  This led to a spell in hospital and then a recovery time. I am now on the mend and back to work.  Thanks to those who work on the helpdesk and who have covered things while I have been out of action! Andy

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Neat Facebook Trick to Drive Traffic to Your Sites and Affiliate Links.

Last week a product came out that changed the way people could promote and drive traffic using Facebook.  But it was quite heavily flawed and was also limited unless you bought a costly upsell.  I am talking about PicRedirect which was one of JVZoo’s products of the day. It was a cool way to make any image you wanted to post on facebook redirect to any page of your choice (your own site, an affiliate link, etc).

But there is an alternative and better solution (and this one doesn’t just do Facebook)…

At least there is if you have a Windows based computer. But before I spill the beans on what it is, let’s look at what it enables you to do.  This is powerful. facebookpostvid The image above is a post I made on a Facebook page.  (Although this method works for Google+, Pinterest and Linkdin) In that example I’ve used a fake video image, but you can put ANY image you like there. But here is what is different from any other image share on Facebook… When someone clicks on that image… It redirects them to my web site.  And it does it without the usual Facebook warnings about “leaving facebook and going to an external site”. But I can redirect to ANYWHERE.  It could be to an affiliate link, a CPA offer, any web page, anywhere. And you will notice that all the links that appear on that post are to my site(s).  This is not the case with PicRedirect and the other solutions that already exist.  They all contain links back to them because they link into a hosted application.

So how did I do it?

I used a cool piece of software created by Curt Crowley.  It’s called FB Image Redirect and it is stupid easy to use, doesn’t rely on third party apps that are hosted elsewhere (and could fail).  It generates a file that you just upload to your web space (he gives instructions, it’s dead easy) and it allows you to create AS MANY of these image redirects as you like. has come up with a nifty piece of software that achieves the same thing but doesn’t have the limitations and is a one time purchase with no upsells or otos (my kinda deal). You don’t have to do the sneaky fake video trick that I did, just use it with ANY image.  So you could find an image that is already being shared widely, and make your own redirect version and post it. Grab it now before he hikes the price up:  

Placebo Science and The Art of Charging More for Less

Here’s a great idea – charge more for your product so that your customer likes it better. Sounds strange, right? It’s the placebo effect at work. Here’s an example: The same wine, when thought to cost $45 versus $5, was not only rated better by tasters but it actually lit up the pleasure center of their brains more. This means it really did taste better to them, all because they were told the price tag was higher. By the same token, if you read in Consumer Reports that your new (fill in the blank) a great product, you’ll be happier with the product than if you hadn’t read the article. So what are the takeaways? Don’t be afraid to charge higher prices for your products. People really do associate quality with price. The other day my spouse passed on buying a product online for one reason only – because it was too cheap. Get third party testimonials that are believable. You can’t get much more credibility than Consumer Reports, but you can find people who are well known in your niche to endorse your products. You still need to fulfill your promises. This placebo effect isn’t a magical spell that makes customers think they got something they never received. If you promise something, deliver on it, regardless of your prices and testimonials.

This could be a massive opportunity for someone…

I’ve been checking out a new service that is basically a white-label live chat system that you can sell to other people.  It has more features than the main players in the industry and they sell their services for between $47 – $97 a month to each user. I suspect they invested thousands to get their sites up and running. But Live Chat Hero let’s you have your own service with your own branding and you can choose how much you charge… everything. And here is the crazy thing.  An unlimited white label account (so you can have unlimited customers paying you monthly) is currently on sale at just $37/mo. Unless you are hopeless at doing some basic promotion, you can’t fail to gain massively from this deal. Think about it… With other companies offering this service for $50 – $100 a month, you will be able to offer it for any price you like and with more features. So potentially you could match their prices and compete easily, you could undercut them or you could pitch it premium with the added features. The bottom line is you should easily be able to sign your first client up for at least $37 a month… how many other PROPER businesses can you reach break-even with just one customer? It’s on sale over at the Warrior Forum as a WSO for a very limited time. The sad thing is… it’s almost wasted there.  Most “warriors” will pass this by because they only want push-button bull-s**t that gives them a hit of hope and delivers nothing. This is a real opportunity to establish yourself with a real web service with real residual income streams. There is money to be made, especially now… check it out here.

Why I am not promoting or recommending FB Infiltrator!

By now you’ve probably already had a bunch of emails promoting “FB Infliltrator”.  Most of those will be from guys who have not even looked at it and are just mailing because there has been a massive affiliate recruitment. But the whole concept of FB Infliltrator is flawed and has a limited life. First of all the video demo show the “old/traditional” style facebook screens.  For the past year or so Facebook have been rolling out the new look gradually to users.  By luck of the draw I got it right at the start of the roll-out where as other family members are still waiting.  But everyone will get it eventually. Why is this a big deal? How do you honestly think people are going to react when they start seeing opt-in forms and blatent ads appearing on their wall and on pages they visit within Facebook?  It’s a big enough deal now that trigger happy nutters sign up for email lists and then file a spam complaint the first time they get a mail from it.  And Facebook are making it super-easy for people to flag posts as “spam”… This is a screen shot from my Facebook… facebookspam As you can see there is now a drop down by every post that gives me the option to mark it as “spam” and if a post gets enough of these complaints… Facebook can suspend or close the offenders account. How long is it going to take for a bunch of even slightly trigger happy people to complain when they see things like this on their walls… fbspam2 This looks like what it is… blatent advertising. People mainly use Facebook for “social networking” and they take offense at stuff like this.  Most of them happily accept the little band of ads down the side that helps fund their free access to the worlds biggest social network, but when you start pumping crap like this onto their walls… that’s a whole new story and that spam button (for those who have the new look FB or the FB app) is going to get clicked a lot. On top of all of this, Facebook are rolling out their own service that will do ads in the wall space.  It’s been in the pipeline a while now as you can see from this article. Once they get that launched how long will it take them to change their terms of service so you can’t use any third party stuff to produce the same results? My advice is this… 1) If you must buy it then expect to spend a wadge of dollars because the funnel on this product is all about making affiliates cash and so they’re gonna sell you a bunch of other stuff you “have to have” on the way. 2) If you do buy it, use it hard and fast NOW.  Get the subscribers from it while you can because its going to become pretty ineffective quickly if everyone is doing it. 3) Don’t be upset in 2 months time when it is no longer effective. Personally I’d rather spend my advertising dollars on stuff that works and keeps on working and not have to waste hours playing with some flash in the pan system.

A little news…

Had a great day today.  Justin Wheeler dropped into see me (he is visiting the UK from Peru) and we got to drink lots of coffee and talk marketing and business stuff for a while.
Two balding marketers

Two balding marketers

I have a new WSO launching on Wednesday.  You can get all the JV info from here: – this really will be the “missing link” for a lot of guys based on things my clients have told me. One on One Coaching slots.  I have two coaching slots opening up early February.  If you want someone to guide and help you get a product created and launched and the foundations of a solid buiness built – I can help! I’ll put my coaching page back online in the next few days, but for those who want a quick run down, you get email access to me Monday – Thursday during office hours and one 60 minuite Skype call per week.  If the product you produce is good and fits with my list then there is a good chance you’ll also get a mailing to at least 10k subscribers. My rates are $597 a month and you can cancel at any time.  Depending on how quickly and how well you follow instructions and you current level of ability, most clients only need this help for 2 months. Keep in mind, this is coaching… I don’t do the work for you and I don’t pull punches.  But I do get results!  If you are interested – email me (andy (@)  These slots usually fill fast because I only have a few people on the books at once. Andy

You probably won’t do anything about this until it’s too damn late…

If you use WordPress for any of your sites then please take notice of the warnings to keep them up to date! We’ve all seen the scare-mongering sales pitches for products that will secure your wordpress sites and lock them down against hacking attacks.  But even if you have a bunch of that stuff installed… if you do not keep your installations bang up to date with the current version of WordPress… you are leaving a back door open for hackers. And it’s scary just how much they can get control of from just one out-dated wordpress installation. You see I have a back ground in computer security, licensing systems, networks and all that techie jazz.  As a result I am pretty damn paranoid about security and always play it over-cautious. So imagine my surprise when I was successfully hacked! Luckily for me I keep masses of regular backups and so it was pretty easy (but still time consuming) to restore things back and shut down the chinks in my security armour.  But from what I know of “most people”, they wouldn’t have had the backups I had and if they had got hit in the same way… they’d just be screwed. Here is what happened… I had a domain set up on my VPS hosting that I’d set up for testing purposes.  It had a WP installation with security plugins and the like and all the usual precautions such as not using wp_ as the database prefix, not using admin as the admin username, not having a “record number 1 in the user table”, etc.  Had all been done. But I didn’t use the test site for a little while and it wasn’t on my auto-update list.  So it slipped a couple of versions behind (it was WP version 5.2).  Just being outdated left it vaunerable and hackers got in. But what really shocked me was… They were not limited to using the backdoor to hit just that site.  They also managed to change php files of NON-Wordpress sites on the same server (even though they were on seperate accounts).  In other words the exploit gave them much more power than you’d ever expect. The annoying thing is that I control all my wordpress sites from a master account using MainWP which keeps all the accounts up to date and does a lot of bonus security fixes.  But this one account, because it was only for test purposes was not added to my Main WP dashboard… and that one mistake cost me a day and a half of my time and if I hadn’t been so well backed up it could have devestated my business. Like I said… I am usually paranoid about security… but one little bit of complaceny could have been much more costly than it was. So keep ALL your wordpress installs bang up to date!  Consider tools like MainWP which can help and make that something that is fully automatic (you can protect up to 5 sites like this for free with MainWP). Andy