Sticking at it.

I reckon the reason most would be info-preneurs don’t make it is that they don’t stick to any one strategy or idea long enough to get the real results. It’s like they do something, get to the point where if they took some proper action it would work and then they spot some new fangled shiny object on the horizon and run after that instead. Or they are working on a product, they get 70% or more of the way there but then they have an idea for “an even better product” and start doing that instead. Product creation only makes you money if you see it through to launch and then stick around long enough to try different forms of marketing on it. If you’ve got half a dozen unfinished projects… or even a couple… pick one and FINISH IT.  Then LAUNCH IT and stick around long enough to test sales pages/squeeze pages, etc.  Do that and you’ll make more money. This aint rocket science people!

Cold Hard Fact.

The sooner you start building your list the better. Just because you’ve heard “The Money is in the list” a million times, don’t treat it as a cliche. It amazes me how many guys I come across who are trying to make it in Internet Marketing and they’ve not even set themselves up with a decent auto responder/list service. If you begin building your list today then YOU WILL be financially more secure in three months time. If you don’t… then you’ll just bumble along for another x months until you do finally accept the fact that building your list is the way to go.  

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I was interviewed by Mike (from Maine) Thomas yesterday…

It was excellent to finally get interviewed by Mike from Maine yesterday.  We had originally tried to set up an interview back in January but I was moving house and things were just too hectic. It was a good experience giving an interview, especially with Mikes “anything goes” questions where he can ask about profits, revenues, sales, successes, fails and more.  Check it out: mikemaine

The Gold Spinner.

If you do article marketing or use PLR articles then “The Gold Spinner” is a must have tool for your arsenal. This is a text editor with a big twist.  It will suggest synonyms, add spintax and even generate spun versions of articles.  This means you can write an article once and generate dozens and dozens of unique versions. Check it out here.

I swear some people just don’t want to make money.

Yesterday I met up with two ex-students, that is to say they finished their college course a few months ago and are now struggling to find work. I discussed at length with them how they could use their skill sets to freelance and make way more money working for themselves if they were prepared to put in a little effort and that since the job market is as bleak as it is in the UK right now it is something they should consider. They got excited for a moment… Until that is they realized they’d actually have to do something. And there lies the problem… They want a job because its no effort other than turning up and doing their 9 – 5 stint. They want money but they don’t want to actually have to put any real effort into getting it. And the sad thing – it’s the same for most of the guys who try to get into Internet Marketing. Most of them look to IM because they think there are magic pieces of software where you just push a button, sit back and a few hours later their paypal account is stuffed with cash. Making money online isn’t hard.  But it does require some effort. Oh and it will require some investment too.  Why is that people think internet marketing is this magical business unlike any other that you can somehow start for absolutely free and magically make a million bucks? I don’t care how much or how little time you have, as long as you put the time you do have to good use and as long as you invest in yourself in the right way – you almost cannot fail to make money in IM.