Hands down some of the best affiliate training I’ve ever seen.

In an hour from now (it might be live by the time you’re reading this) Kevin Fahey’s IM Affiliate Training 2.0 goes live. If you follow me then you will know I often tell you about training by Kevin. The reason is simple. Kevin is one of the best teachers in this industry. He teaches what REALLY works. I’ve been through this training and even as an experienced marketer I picked up some tips and tricks I will be applying in my own business. But the great thing about this… Even a green newbie can learn from this awesome training course.

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Vlog 95 is Missing in Action!

Today is a bank holiday in the UK (a public holiday), and I didn’t plan ahead.  I was going to come into the office and shoot a vlog but I’m off out with family and friends as we have unusually nice weather! So I have scheduled this to appear around 11am EST which is also the time that a new plugin from Michael Thomas and Mark Hess launches.  It’s good, I got access to it the other day and I recommend you check it out. https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/bndmb/0 Vlog 95 will be posted tomorrow! While I have you here… More…
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