Paradox Solved – “Easy” is NOT the same as “Not Hard”

There is not anything in my online business that I really consider “Hard to do”.

In fact… Almost anyone (notice I did say ‘almost’) can do the things I do and could get similar, or even better results.

But there’s a massive difference between something not being hard and something being “easy” and that is what trips most wannabe Internet marketers up…

Here’s an example:

Split testing isn’t glamorous or sexy.

Split testing isn’t hard to do.

But it takes effort. ¬†It’s not “push button easy”.

And because of that 95% of people who try to do online marketing don’t split test or they maybe compare just 2 versions and move on.

Writing a blog post isn’t hard… but again it takes effort and so it should not be thought of as “Easy”.

Stop letting the fact that this stuff isn’t “easy” deter you. ¬†Put in the effort, learn it and do it. ¬†


None of this is hard.

It just isn’t quick-fix, magic button, instant. ¬†Stop looking for the easy button that you think all of us established marketers have and just get on and DO what we do!

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