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What is "IM Traffic Facebook Masters?"

Kevin Fahey is back with the ONLY training on Facebook ads you'll ever need (my words, not his), tha's how good this is.

I consider myself to be a pretty savvy marketer and I was already using Facebook Ads when this came along.  But as I watched this Kevin totally opened my eyes to all the things I could be doing better.

The changes I've already made are saving me $30 - $100 a week and I've only done some of the cool things he points out.

But it doesn't matter what level you are at.  Kevin is a great teacher and this training is put together so it will work for the greenest newbie who doesn't know what Facebook ads are, through to the more experienced guys like me who thought they had this stuff nailed.


What You Will Discover...

Imagine being able to drive super targeted traffic, at super low prices to any offer or page.

That's what you're going to learn how to do.

And this traffic is;

  • ​Cheaper than solo ads
  • Can be very tightly targeted so there is no wastage.
  • How you should really be using tracking pixels (I was screwing this up)
  • In short everything you need to run highly profitable campaigns on Facebook.

​Upsells and OTO's...

There are two upsells offered.  Both are totally optional and should be considered on a case by case basis. 

Having said that, the first one is an insane deal on Kevin Faheys group coaching that he usually sells access to for just under $500 (and I think that is too cheap), but at a massive reduction.  

The second is a low cost trial into a membership.  Again there will be a ton of value here and if nothing else you should probably take the trial and see how freaking excellent it is.

Will I personally be using this?

Yes.  I already am!


This is phenomenal value for money.  Agreed, it isn't a $7 thing but that's because it isn't thin and sketchy like those products are.  I STRONGLY recommend that everyone gets this training.

Overall I give this 4.5 out of 5.

Exclusive Bonuses...

When you pick this up through my link you will also get the three totally exclusive bonuses.

Take note that these aren't a pile of crap pulled from a PLR site like most affiliates are going to offer.  And two of these are not available anywhere else for any price and they really do compliment the FB Masters training.

Exclusive Bonus #1 - FB Affiliate Pixel Dropper

This is brand new secret technology that hasn't even been released for sale yet.  But I managed to twist Barry's arm into giving it as a bonus!

When you watch Kevins training you will discover the right way to use FB Pixels (I was getting it so wrong) and you will realize that you want to be able to use them on anything you link to.

But what about affiliate links?  You can't have your pixel on someone else's page.

You can now!

This is Software As a Service and you get lifetime access when you pick up IM Traffic FB Masters through our link today.

Exclusive Bonus #2 - WP Instant Social Image

Another UNRELEASED item!

This is a smoking hot plugin that generates highly engaging social images on the fly right inside WordPress.

And you get it at no cost when you pick up IM Traffic FB Masters through our link.

Exclusive Bonus #3 - FB Ad Power Boost

Here's a really powerful but sneaky way to 10X your results with Facebook Advertising.

You will still use all the techniques you learn from Kevin, but then you can use this to build highly targeted audiences for fractions of a penny.

This secret training video is exclusive to us and has NEVER been sold or offered before.  It was recorded specially for our bonus package.

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