secret offer

This page has been shared with only a select few customers.

Unique White Label Software Opportunity

So here is the deal.  This is only being shared with a few select customers as there will be only ten of these licenses ever sold. I am looking for people who want to have their own branded versions of my flagship software builders.
  • Software Product Magic. ¬†You will be able to sell both the Professional and Enterprise Editions. ¬†I currently sell these for $397 and $497 respectively.
  • iCurator Pro – I currently sell this for $197 without the brander and $297 with the brander.
  • EZ Software Maker. ¬†I have currently closed my own sales page for this. ¬†You will be able to sell all editions and the brander option.
You can choose your own names for these products and you will be supplied a compiled version of each with your own name and branding.  You may supply icons and graphics and these will be incorporated into your version. The white label license being offered here is for ALL three products.  I am not licensing them separately. You will be responsible for providing support to your customers.  You can of course come to me if you believe you have discovered a bug, etc. You will get any updates released over the next 12 months in any of these products put into your branded version. You do not get source code. The software runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. You can sell the products under your own name for whatever prices you choose. You CANNOT sell resell rights to the products. No sales copy is provided.  You should create your own copy.  You may borrow from mine for inspiration! This license costs $4997.  This is an insane deal. Delivery will be 7 Р10 days from the time of getting the required info for your order.  This is because we need to create a new set of source files for each license we sell, rebrand, recompile and run through our security checks. After purchase I will email you yo get the information I need (name you want it branded as, etc). White Label SPM, ICP and EZSM