This is a hidden post, please do not share it.  It is only meant to be for people who are told where to find it.

This year I am teaming up with Curt Crowley and we are founding something called “Society 11”. ¬†

You may have seen some of the freaky teaser content around. Of course I don’t want to keep my customers in the dark so this post is to tell you a little more and show you a special video I recorded with Curt last night.

This isn’t something we are launching out like all the other dross in the world of Internet Marketing…

Because here it’s about QUALITY and not shifting as many units as we can. ¬†This is why you won’t see us posting “JV ass licking” screen shots.

This is a group of like minded Internet Marketers sharing ideas, tips and insider tricks.  But as well as a secret Facebook group where a ton of goodness is shared daily we also have a private members area with tools and training.

It’s a paid membership and the special¬†member price is $47.11/mo and you get to lock in that price as long as you remain a member.

Just think how easily and often you probably waste $50 a month buying useless IM products!  And think how many killer tools and utilities you could be getting for that small amount of pocket change.

The end goal is for this to be a $67 or even $97 a month site and it will be worth many times that.  So lock in your membership at the founder price today!

See the Society11 video here.