Here’s A Bunch of Often Overlooked Things You Can Do To Make Money This Week, Today or Even in a Couple of Hours.

I got fed up of being told by coaching clients “I don’t have a few weeks I need money by the end of the week or they gonna cut my electric off” so I sat down and hammered together these 60 pages of things that ANYONE can do to pull in some fast cash.

Dear Desperate,

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been sharing a decent plan with a someone and they hit me with “but I need to make money NOW”.

You see I usually focus on solid, sustainable, future proof business ideas. None of them take long (in my eyes) but clearly some of you don’t have a week or a month before the baliffs are going to come take away your kids Playstation or your TV.

Or maybe you have a great business idea but are stuck for the seed money?

Yeah I hear that a lot too.

Well congratulations, you wore me down.

Actually I just got sick of hearing the whining...

So I bashed out this 60 page report that covers the kind of things I do when I want a quick cash injection or I have a friend who comes to me for advice on something he can do fast to make some extra cash.

A lot of these ideas could be built into something more sustainable. But I kind of suspect most will just use them to get some quick money so they can pay their cable bill or afford a hooker this month.

Speed Money 2017

Here's What You're Going to Learn...

  • A super easy money making system that even if you fail at it 80% of the time… you’ll still at least double your money!
  • Lightening Fast Asset Generation
  • How to get a Quick Cash Infusion
  • How to sell DVD’s and clear $40 or more profit on each one.
  • A product idea that almost never fails.
  • How to earn $100 in 30 minutes a day, EVERY DAY!
  • How to create and launch a membership site in 1 day! Yes, content et al!
  • How to work in niches you know NOTHING about.
  • How to double your revenue overnight
  • How to make $512 or more THIS WEEKEND.
  • How to make $300 – $800 a day from YouTube!
  • How to make serious money from college students.
  • Quick daily eBay cash (without selling your own stuff)
  • How to generate fast recurring income streams.
  • The Proven Quick Money idea
  • 3 Proven ways to Arbitrage Fiverr
  • Gig secrets that pay you good money for very little effort
  • And More!

And there’s things for every skill and ability level here. Even a total newbie can find something in this report they can put to work and make some speedy money from.

Best of all, you can pick up your own copy right now for just $7!​


Download Speed Money, Put one or more of the methods to work for you and if within thirty days you don't feel this report has given real, usable, money in the bank methods then just open a support ticket and let us know.  We will refund all your money with no question and no quibble.

That's it!  There are no upsells, one time offers or any of the usual marketers tricks.  This is just solid information at a special price.