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What is "Video Course Cash Kit?"

John Shea in partnership with Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky bring you the most comprehensive training I've seen for the money on making money from simple videos through market places like Udemy and Slideshare.

And this step by step training GUARANTEES You Will Make at least $100 with this.

At this point, if you are a skeptic like myself you will be yelling "bullshit" or "pull the other one" and when I looked at the sales page for this my first reaction was to shake my head because it's full of hypey looking income claims.

But Here's Where This is Different.

These guys can totally back their claims up.

​And they do.  Big time.

The training consists of 57 videos (don't panic, none of them are too long, there's very little fluff in these) and they cover everything as you will see in my video above.

Free Agency License...

The oddest thing about the special launch deal is that they are giving you a free agency license that will let you sell fifty copies at $27 and keep all the profits.  And all the hard work is done for you, just fill in your paypal or jvzoo payment info in a form and you are set to go.

But unless you have an established audience and a sales mechanism to feed this into you are probably going to get this just for the training and for the money you won't be disappointed.

​Upsells and OTO's...

There are a few OTO's offered after purchase, most of them are not directly related and are just special deals on some of their other products. 

But I do need to talk about the first OTO which is an upgrade to an unlimited agency license for $67.  So instead of having fifty licenses to resell you will get the rights to sell an UNLIMITED number of copies.

Again, if you have an audience for this then it's probably a wise investment but this review is based entirely on the quality of the training.

Will I personally be using this?

Not really.  I've picked up some tips from it and while I do want to do some things on Udemy I have my own specific plan for that.  But I am NOT the target audience for this.

Fast Action Bonuses (Buy in the 3 day Launch Window)...


If you want to fast track your way to earning money online this is a cracking good system and no stone is left unturned in the training.  

Like everything else that works - this will take some effort.

If you are looking for a speedy way to get something going, this could well be it and you will be selling on established platforms with a ready flow of traffic.

And remember - you are guaranteed to make at least $100 with this system!  Which is more than you will be paying for it!  How many vendors guarantee you a return like that?

Overall I give this 4 out of 5.

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