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Hi, The emails are flying in and out of our office faster than we keep up so we’re going to answer some of the more popular questions right here! The following are a summary of popular questions about this training. Let’s answer some questions that we’ve received:
QUES: Is this easy to do? ANS: There is not an easier business. Here’s why: You don’t actually write anything yourself if you don’t want to. You are the publisher so you get the writers to do the work for you. I will also show you how to get entire infoproducts for $5 or less each. And these are good products, not junk. Yes, it’s true and the reason is that writers work cheap- it’s marketing and sales that make the money. So writers, just to make a few dollars, will write amazing content because they don’t know how to sell what they write. It’s the marketers, the people like us, that¬†make money from content because we know what a big and hungry market it is. QUES: How much time does it take to get started? ANS: You can start within¬†hours of finishing this training! Yes – It’s that fast. Remember, not only are you getting the complete DM Auto Pilot system, you are also getting a done for you, ready to launch information product that you have full rights to and that comes with all the launch emails, etc. It’s fun when you start getting money in your PayPal account when you’re selling digital products. QUES: How is this different from training I’ve purchased before. ANS:¬†You will learn an entire system that can be¬†implemented and then run on total auto-pilot. Not only that but its a totally repeatable system. You are going to be shown some killer techniques that I’ve not seen taught anywhere else – ever.   I can’t guarantee this product will be available forever because frankly we do not want to ruin the market for ourselves and our customers. So we will not be offering this after next week. Take a look and if it’s not for you then no problem but at least you checked it out just in case it can change your life, Andy Brocklehurst P.S. Remember – even if you don’t have clue how¬†to put this together we have videos walking you through it step-by-step! P.P.S. If you just joined us and missed what’s¬†going on you can get the first¬†4 messages here, #1 – #2 – #3 – #4 – IMPORTANT: If you have any question at all email me right now at [email protected] You can call me too on my personal home/office phone at +44¬†203 239 3086 If I’m on the phone¬† leaving a message is fine. I’ll try to get back to you with an answer but I really can’t promise a return call when this thing goes crazy because customers will be the priority!
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