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I’ve mentioned this before but it’s being “relaunched” this week so it’s worthy of a reminder. I am talking about Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Guide which is currently available for under $10 in digital format and I firmly believe you should read this even if you have no intention of offering a coaching program. Here’s why… The first part of it talks a lot about the things Kevin did BEFORE he got to the stage of offering coaching… In my opinion the insight into his business is worth ten times the price he’s asking. And of course one day, you will be ready to offer high ticket coaching and as and when you are you’ll be able to dig out your copy of this guide and have all the insider ideas, tips and know-how that Kevin shares. I’ve said it before… One of the most unique things about this industry is how you can pay so little to get a complete insight into someone else’s successful business. Download it here: Kev’s IM Coaching Guide that you should read even if you are not going to do coaching!
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