Why You Should Consider a Product that has a sucky sales pitch and terrible sales funnel…

This past week a brilliant plugin popped onto the market but it was very difficult for me to tell anyone about it because the sales page was all money orientated, there was fake scarcity on the bonuses and the funnel used tactics I hate.   But the fact remains, if you ignore all the bad stuff… the plugin is really useful… By now (or in the next couple of seconds) a pop up video should have appeared in the bottom right of your screen that shows what this bad boy can do.    You can see the full demo on their page: WP Freshpop   But before you race over there to check it out, let me tell you how to get the best price possible, a pile of ace bonuses and avoid getting stung if you decide to pick up any of the OTO’s (I didn’t and it’s unlikely you’ll need them).  
  1. On the main product use the coupon code 3offspecial this will discount it to the early bird price.
  2. If you do think the OTO looks appealing and you want it then click the “No Thanks” link and it offers you $10 off it.  I hate funnels like this that still those who just bought.  But there you go.
It’s a breeze to install and use and as a plugin I highly recommend it.   Bonuses?  You want bonuses? Use my link  and also get…

Click Here to Get WP Freshpop with the bonuses and don’t forget to use coupon 3offspecial

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