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What is "WP Rapid Protect?"

WP Rapid Protect is a super easy to use plugin for WordPress that will protect your download pages.

What makes it special is you could use this to protect download pages for bonuses, products you sell, or even ones you give-away so you always capture the lead.

The best thing about it, is that it doesn't use IPN (Instant Payment Notification), or advanced API stuff and even a total novice can get this up and running in no time thanks to the clear instructions that come with it.

​Upsells and OTO's...

There are a few OTO's offered after purchase but you honestly don't need any of them.

They are what I think OTO's should be... Just special deals on some of his other products that he gives you just as a thank you for buying.  None of this "now get the pro version" nonsense here!

Will I personally be using this?


There are many times a full blown member system is total overkill and this fills the gap nicely.


A simple protection system to help stop your download pages being shared on blackhat sites and forums.

Ideal for when you want a quick but sound way of protecting a page.

Overall I give this a cracking 4.5 out of 5.

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